2732-to-2532 Adapter

What is it

2732-to-2532 adapter is an adapter board to replace a 2532 with a 2732 EPROM.


2532s were fairly popular, but are hard to find and expensive. 2732s are much easier to find and generally more "friendly" to program, unfortunately the pin-out of the 2532 is actually slightly different that the 2732 and a 2732 cannot be used when a 2532 is expected without modification. It is fairly easy to convert at 2732 to a 2532 pin-out, however it requires cutting and rewiring pin assignments which is ugly and prone to damage. If you repair or maintain arcade games or pinballs, you can use this adapter to allow you to only keep 2732s on hand. When you need a 2532 just use the adapter!

What's included and what does it look like

For each order you will receive the parts to make 4 adapter boards which includes:
  • 2 x adapter PCB boards, containing 2 adapters (you must cut down the center to split them).
  • 4 x 24 pin solder tab sockets
  • 8 x 12 pin header strips

Adapters come with pcb boards, terminal strips and sockets, assembly is NOT included

How does it work

It's very easy, follow these steps in ORDER:
  1. Cut the adapter board in half. This can be easily done with a small hacksaw or Dremel tool. You can also use a box-cutter to repeatedly score the board until it can snap apart.
  2. Solder a 12 pin round header strip onto the right most line of vias
  3. Solder a 12 pin round header strip onto line of vias 3rd from the right
  4. In the remaining space solder the socket into the new board
  5. Program the replacement 2732 in an EPROM programmer (such as the GQ-4X), with the ROM image to want to replace.
  6. Insert the programmed EPROM into the socket
  7. Insert adapter into game board ROM socket!
  8. Play!

How do I buy the 2732-to-2532

Buy it on Etsy

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