82S123 bi-polar PROM replacement kit (82S123-to-27512)

What is it

The 82Sxxx-READ is a set of 3 adapters that let you read
  • 82S123
  • 82S129
  • 82S131


When repairing arcade boards it is helpful to be able to check the contents of EPROM chips. Modern EPROM programmers are cheap and easy to use. However most modern EPROMS programmers cannot read these chips. Instead you need very old, large and/or expensive EPROM programmers to read them.

This kit provides you the materials to assemble 3 different adapters that can allow you to rad these chips in any EPROM programmer that can read a 27512.

What is included

The 82Sxxx-READERS is the UN-ASSEMBLED parts to make 3 adapter boards. Once for each of the following type 82S123, 82S129, 82S131

You will receive the parts to make 3 adapter boards, which include:

  • 1 x 82S123 adapter PCB boards
  • 2 x 82S129/82S131 adapter PCB boards
  • 6 x 14 pin header strips
  • 3 x 16 pin sockets

How does it work

It's very easy, follow these steps in ORDER:
  1. Solder together the header pins into the board.
  2. Solder the socket into the new board
  3. Insert the original chip to be read into the socket
  4. Use your EPROM programmer software to read as as 27512
  5. Use the online converter to convert the format from 27512 back into the appropriate format for your original chip.

Converter links

27512 to 82S123
27512 to 82S129
27512 to 82S131


  • The converters provided only convert back into the format used in MAME. Other converters could be created for other formats however the ones provided online convert only back to the format used in MAME ROM dumps.


Approx dimensions when assembled:
1 1/2" wide
15/16" wide
3/4" tall

How do I buy them?

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