Note: I didn't figure out how to make this adapter, it's been well published in places such as

However I wanted to make an adapter for my Asteroids Deluxe Cabinets so I could test asteroids and realized when reading this, it's quite wordy. So after making my adapter based on the instructions. I wrote a TL;DR (Too Long; Didn't Read) version for the impatient.

Note this works as is ONLY for cabaret (mini) models, where the monitor is not reflected off a mirror

First Obtain:

  • Steps:
    1. Place female end on left with edge connector facing left (as shown in image)
    2. Insert and solder 44 pin finger board into solder mounts
    3. Label the top as "Z" or "1"
    4. Label the bottom as "A" or "22"
    5. Label the connector facing up as "Solder side"
    6. Drill holes throught finger board traces at positions #8, #10 and #11, making sure you completely seperate the finger board traces for these positions on both sides
    7. For each hole, take a jumper wire solder on end to the solder tabs on the "top" connecting that to the OPPOSITE side trace on the bottom.
    8. Flip the board and repeat the above step for each hole. (basically your wriring each of the 3 traces so the top and the bottom of each traces are "flipped"