The Centipede code single ROM replacement kit (CENTIPEDE-R)

What is it

The CENTIPEDE-R is a ROM replacement kit for Atari Centipede video game boards. It is a single adapter board that takes the place of the old 4 x 2716ROMs.


I created this kit as I work on a lot of early 80s arcade games, I have a ton of Centipede boards that have missing code ROMS, these 2716 ROMS are fairly hard to find and expensive to obtain and I wanted a nice simple clean solution to replace these ROMs with a single ROM and make them less likely for future failure.

What's included

a fully assembled adapter that can replace the 4 main game code 2716 ROMS with a larger 27512 ROM
  • 1 fully assembled adapter board with programmed 27512 that replaces all 4 of the old 2716 ROMS at d1, e1 ,f/h1 and j1
  • 1 socket to install into the empty slot at k1

How does it work?

It's very easy, follow these steps in ORDER:
  • Remove the ROMS at D1, E1, F/H1 and J1
  • Solder the socket into the non-populated socket at K1
  • Insert the adapter board into the new socket at K1
  • Play your game!
*This game will ship with the last updated Atari Centipede code (version 4). This ONLY includes the game code replacements, you still need the 2 video ROMS at F7 and H/J7 on the game board, however for $7.00 extra I can provide you with these also.

Can I have the code in case I ever need to reburn the ROM

Sure! here it is!

How do I buy the CENTIPEDE-R

Buy the CENTIPEDE-R on Etsy

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