The Galaxian Daughter board replacement kit (GALAXIAN-DB-R)

What is it

The GALAXIAN-DB-R is a solution to replace the huge usually broken EPROM daughter board on a Galaxian arcade game.


I created this kit as I work on a lot of early 80s arcade games, I have a ton of Galaxian boards that have missing or destroyed daughter boards.
and wanted a nice simple clean solution to fix these games and make them less likely for future failure.

What's included and what does it look like

A full kit (two EPROM replacements) fully assembled that will allow you to remove a throw away or replace a missing Galaxian daughter board. Below is a sample picture, actual product may look different. The adaptor board comes fulled assembled.

How does it work?

It's very easy, follow these steps in ORDER:
  • Remove the old daughter board
  • Insert the main adapter board into slot 7F
  • Insert the secondary chip/adapter into slot 7L
  • Play your game!
*This game will ship with the Midway version of the Galaxian code, if you need another version, contact me.

How do I buy the GALAXIAN-DB-R

Buy the GALAXIAN-DB-R on Etsy

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