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Megatouch Force SSD hard drive upgrade (MEGAFORCE-SSD-XX)

This upgrade kit is aimed to provide Megatouch Force users with a nice reliable SSD hard drive replacement for their Megatouch Force Systems. Original Megatouch Force systems included a traditional spinning hard drive. Spinning hard drives are mechanical devices that are prone to fail. The mean time before failure on most traditional spinning hard drives is 3-5 years. This kit will provide you with a nice SSD hard drive that is
  • More reliable
  • Quieter
  • Runs cooler than traditional hard drives
  • More energy efficient that spinning hard drives
  • May increase booting speed
You will get a freshly imaged Samsung hard drive. Samsung is the leader in high quality SSD drives. This upgrade includes:
  • SSD hard drive
  • SATA to PATA adapter

We can provide hard drives for any year of Force system. When checking out please choose the software year release you would like from the variations menu. Please note you MUST have a valid security key for the year you are purchasing for, otherwise the system will not boot.

We will provide you with the last version of that year chosen (for example 2010 will get 2010.5 which was Merits mid-year upgrade release for 2010 systems). If you need a software year version not listed in the variations list, please message us and we most likely can add it to the variation list.

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