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The Midway New Rally-X ROM plug and play ROM replacement daughter board (NEW-RALLYX-UPGRADE)

What is it

The NEW-RALLYX-DB is an easy to use replacement to solve the problem of trying to maintain/fix/replace the 2-8 2516/2532/2364 ROMS Midway New Rally-x game. It is a PLUG AND PLAY replacement board.

Please note this is NOT a new version of the Rally-x replacement board, this is literally a replacement for the 1981 Midway arcade game called "New Rally-x" which was released a year after the original Rally-X (1980) and uses the same base hardware as the original Rally-x game (1980)


I created this kit as I work on a lot of early 80s arcade games, I have fixed up Rallly-X based games board and got frustrated by
  • New rally-x has different ways of configuring the game code, anywhere from 8 2516 ROMS to 2 2364 mask ROMS. Often I've seen 4 x hard to find TMS2532 EPROMs
  • The 2-8 EPROM sockets that are often falling apart.
I wanted a nice simple clean solution to fix these games and make them less likely for future failure, as well as easier for me to bypass when testing.

What's included and what does it look like

A full kit is a fully assembled board that will allow you to remove a throw away or replace the normal EPROMs on the board. The new board plugs directly into your CPU socket completely bypassing those old ROMS and their sockets

How does it work?

It's very easy, follow these steps in ORDER:
  • Remove the old ROMS
  • Remove your old CPU
  • Plug your old CPU into the Z80 CPU socket on the NEW-RALLYX-DB board
  • Insert the NEW-RALLYX-DB directly into the Z80/CPU socket on the game board
  • Play your game!

Does it include the Z80 CPU

No it does not include the Z80 CPU.
Howewver you can add on a Z80 CPU for an additional charge.

How to Purchase

Buy from etsy.com

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