The Atari Tempest and Tempest Tubes plug and play ROM replacement daughterboard (TEMPEST-DUAL-DB)

What is it

The TEMPEST-DUAL-DB is an easy to use replacement to solve the problem of trying to maintain/fix/replace the 10 2716 ROMS on the Atari TEMPEST game. It is a PLUG AND PLAY replacement board.


I created this kit as I work on a lot of early 80s arcade games, I have fixed up Tempest board and got frustrated by
  • The 10 2716s ROMS (they are hard to find, and relatively expensive and often the ones I've bought refused to program)
  • The 10 2716 PROM sockets that are usually literally falling apart
I wanted a nice simple clean solution to fix these games and make them less likely for future failure, as well as easier for me to bypass when testing.
Note: picture shows an earlier model, newest model looks slightly different

What's included and what does it look like

A full kit is a fully assembled board that will allow you to remove a throw away or replace the 10 2716 EPROMs at the bottom of the board. The new board plugs directly into your CPU socket completely bypassing those old ROMS and their sockets

How does it work?

It's very easy, follow these steps in ORDER:
  • Remove the old ROMS
  • Remove your old CPU
  • Plug your old CPU into the 6502 CPU socket on the TEMPEST-DUAL-DB board
  • Insert the TEMPEST-DUAL-DB directly into the 6502/CPU socket on the game board
  • Play your game!

What boards and games does it support

This board will work with any version of the TEMPEST game board (10 2716s or 5 2732). It can be programmed to run any code that an Atari Tempest board can run such as Atari Tempest, or Tempest Tubes. By default it will ship with Atari Tempest V3.

What's the catch?

  • The TEMPEST-DUAL-DB does NOT replace the video ROMS @ NP3 and R3, you must still populate those on your game board. I can however provide you with those for an extra $10.00.
  • This board has both Tempest and Tempest Tubes installed the default game being Tempest. You can switch between them via a physical switch (not included) or you can set a jumper wire to configure the system to default to Tempest Tubes. The game will NOT switch on the fly, you must reset the machine after flipping the switch or setting the jumper.
  • The 6502 CPU is NOT included, you must use the 6502 from your current game board, or purchase a new 6502 if you don't have one.

Instruction Manual

Instruction Manual


27512 ROM image
SHA1 Hash = 9ccf84cd9a825cb03d7e5986b356ad5120b2f58f TEMPEST-DUAL-DB.bin

How do I buy the TEMPTEST-DB

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