Brian E. Brzezicki
Copyright 2013
Version 1.00 04/24/2013

Use this at your OWN risk, do NOT sue me if it breaks your board... if your doing this your board is probably already broken though ;)

Game Board #1 April 24 2013


  • sprites were all blocky, top and bottom of screen had orange background

Troubleshooting/dianosis steps:

  1. Test RAM ranges with Fluke 9010a
  2. Noted that graphic ROM 2732 @ J1 was put in backwards
  3. Removed graphics chip @ J1, exact same issue
  4. Put graphic chip @ J1 in correctly, display had moving lines and "noise" going through it, J1 was probably damaged from being put in backward
  5. Burned a new 2732 with proper image
  6. Game works!