Brian E. Brzezicki
Copyright 2014
Version 1.00 07/06/2014

Use this at your OWN risk, do NOT sue me if it breaks your board... if your doing this your board is probably already broken though ;)

Game Board #1 July 6 2014


  • Game was super dark, missing yellow and would not hold steady, game image glitches

Troubleshooting/dianosis steps:

  1. Thought there might be a sync issue, when put oscillicope to ground, game magically got better.
  2. Still mesured video ground signal, it was a mess. (should have been flat GND)
  3. Noted that video ground never actually is tied to GND on other parts of the board
  4. Make a jumper from logic ground to video ground. Color game back and game was steady
  5. Adjusted voltage to just under 5V and graphic glitches went away
  6. This was really strange as looking at the wiring the video ground is not supposed to be tied to the logic ground... not sure how it ever would have worked...
  7. Game works!