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3/20/2015 - write up version 1.0
For Carnival troubleshooting info please see the carnival troubleshooting page

This is a write up how to hack the Sega/Gremlin carnival game to run off a switcher.

This hack should work with any of the Sega VIC/Dual VIC games


I take no responsbility if you try this hack and you or the hack end up damaging your board, your machine or any type of damage to your property or yourself. So if you try this, you do it at your own risk. Do not sue me or complain if your try them and your board breaks or it causes some type of damage to you or your property.. in fact I wouldn't recommend hacking any board unless you have a reason to.

Please note, if you convert to a switcher you will need an external sound amp for your sound, as the power brick on the Sega/Gremlin VIC based games has it's sound amplification there.

Wire up the power headers to your JAMMA switcher as shown in the picture
Now if you stopped here, you would notice the game never successfully boots, that's because there's a special reset circuit that's looking for 3V AC, without that the reset pin on the CPU will be held low forever. We need to bypass that circuit and get +5V to the output of that AC power on reset circuit.
To do this:
  • Get a 10,000 ohm resitor
  • Solder one end to the +5V power rail
  • find chip u35 on the CPU board, cut pin #1 as low to the board as possible
  • Lift the leg on pin #1 @u35 so it's not touching any traces.
  • Solder the other end of the resistor to the lifted leg